Super Kalvin!



We heard Kal wake up this morning around 6am and start moving around in his crib.  Shortly after that he walked right into our room and climbed into bed with us, like it was no big deal.  Kalvin climbed out of his crib for the first time!  He is a great climber and very strong, so we aren’t really surprised he did it…but we wish we had more time.  I am really curious what furniture he used to climb out, but I am so glad he didn’t get hurt!  If there was ever a good time for those video baby monitors, this is it.  We have been looking at bunk beds everytime we go to costco or that cute furniture store at the mall.  Now we really have to get one!

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Our drunken sailor baby…

So Leann took the boys to visit their Grandma & Auntie Trish over the weekend.  When Kal left he was walking like Frankenstein (you know, slow arms out, waddling a bit).  Upon his return he is practically running everywhere…. but he’s not terribly coordinated yet so it is more of a drunken walk / run.  I’ve watched him lean a little too far this morning already and bounce between couch and chair, hit the wall as he goes around the corner and be saved many times by leaning or grabbing onto one  of the dogs.

Check out the video on YouTube of him trying to run/walk around with his new found confidence.  As a bonus if you make to 1:45 in you’ll see him whacking Ethan on the head with a tambourine! 🙂




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