Busy Day in December!


Busy Day


We had a fun day on Saturday!  We went to a work holiday party for the kiddos.  We even saw Santa!  Ethan asked Santa for an Optimus Prime and Kalvin was trying very hard not to cry while he was sitting on Santa’s knee.  We hope to have that Santa picture soon. We then went to a birthday party for Avery (Ethan’s girlfriend) at Peter Piper Pizza.  The kids had a great time playing games and eating cupcakes!

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A quick update….

Wow… time does fly! It has been a long while since we’ve had a post in earnest here on the blog! It’s been a…. well… “exciting” last couple of weeks. Ethan had some trouble with another toddler in day care… turns out he or she was biting everyone in his class… but we think that Ethan was his/her favorite! On Friday of the week before last Ethan came home with a giant red / blue mark on his cheek and as it turns out the next day it bruised up pretty good and we had an “ouch report” from the previous day letting us know that Ethan was bit on the cheek. The week after that he came home on Monday with a giant bite marks (including both top and bottom teeth) on his right forearm, Tuesday on his left forearm, and then Wednesday on his left wrist! The daycare was sending home ouch reports that read something like:

  • Place of Occurrence: Classroom, On Circle / Group Time Rug
  • Nature of Incident: “Another child wanted the toy that Ethan was holding but Ethan would not give it to the child so she bit him.”
  • Action Taken: “Child was sat down and told ‘No Biting’ , additionally I showed the child how much that hurt Ethan and how Ethan was crying because of what he had done”.


Lastly, Ethan went to see a talent agent today! They saw some pictures that Grandma D had forwarded out of him and called her to get him to come in. Not sure yet what we are going to do…. there is a pretty hefty investment in order to get him into the game and we aren’t sure if we are wiling to do that or not. One of the babies that went through this agency was on a peanut butter commercial and make 100K! Pretty crazy! Here are the photos that we selected and brought in with us.


Oh yeah, and the Cardinals are going to the super bowl!!!!

NFL.com - Official Site of the National Football League-1.jpg

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Ethan was going to town while we were at Costco the other day!


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Wonderful Christmas!

Well, we had a fantastic Christmas today! We packed up the boy and headed up to Dad’s house for 5 days over the Christmas holiday. Pops just moved into a new place and it is working out fantastic for Christmas! Ethan had a great Christmas morning and made out like a bandit! He got a big yellow dump truck, and tons of other toys, books, and clothing! Leann and I did well our selves and are very thankful for just how fortunate we are!!! I’ll be uploading some photos of Christmas day to flickr and posting a slide show here shortly! Merry Christmas everyone!


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Wierd Week….

So on Sunday I came down with the Flu after Leann had gotten over it a few days earlier. I spent the first 2 days in bed and started feeling better on Tuesday. Wednesday I worked from home and planning on going back into work on Thursday… unfortunately Ethan came down with the Flu late in the night Wednesday. I had to take Ethan to the pediatricians office on Thursday and stay home with him the whole day because he couldn’t go to day care. Finally today I got to get into work and get lots done! Leann spent the day with Ethan because he still couldn’t go to Day Care today. I took some pictures of Ethan having fun tonight. He’s feeling just fine but has a really bad diaper rash.

Below is Ethan running around with his Toy from pamper chef… it wasn’t his toy until after he and his cousins played with it and broke it.


Ethan climbing up onto the couch (his new trick)


Here is Ethan playing on the couch with Mom while she works on her computer


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Big boy seat in a big boy truck!

Last week Dad let me borrow his “Big Boy Truck” and Ethan got to ride around in it which he loved! I think he loved it so much because there was a ton of room in the back and we turned him around so he was front facing finally! He enjoys his car rides much more now that he is front facing and can see what is going on. He also really likes it when we turn around and tickle him!



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More Pictures…

Okay, so Leann and I got a couple of gifts “for the family” early this year. One of those was a new DSLR camera! I’ve not really been able to play around with it (with the family being so under the weather from the flu bug and all). I did snap a few shots and am posting them here. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some really good photos soon! 🙂



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